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Denver, Colorado
The Skycamp Rooftop tent represents the best features of every rooftop tent on the market, put into one high quality package.
60 seconds to put it up or down, rain or shine, day or night. Roll into camp after 12 hours of driving and crawl into bed in a matter of minutes.  Arrive late on a friday night without the anxiety of "finding a spot before dark".  If you don't like your camp spot, or you are on a road trip, move!  It only takes a minute to pack up. 
Hardshell rooftop tents have some undeniable advantages over their soft sided counterparts.  However, they are typically 2-man tents, or 3 if you really squeeze. Definitely too small for a family.  Not anymore!  The Skycamp 4X has a king size bed inside.  It sleeps 4, or use it as a two or three person tent and actually have room for your luggage, your dog, or to hang out in bad weather!  This is also one of the few tents I have seen that people over 6ft tall can actually lay down in.
King size mattress!
Traditional Hardshell
High Quality - top tier materials, design, manufacturing, and quality control
Value - one of the highest quality tents, one off the largest tents, and yet, less expensive than most of its direct hardshell competitors of similar quality. 
Aerodynamics - Thinner, better MPG's,sleeker. Quiet, no flapping or filling up with air on the highway.
Leave Bedding Inside! - it's possible and we'll show you how at the showroom
Light Weight, great looking, durable, and just plain cool!
See the Skycamp in person setup in our indoor Wheat Ridge Showroom!  Open and close one, hop in and lay down.  We are here to give you a tour and answer all your questions. 
Sleep off the ground - No more looking for flat spots - no getting flooded out - no worrying about animals 
Wondering how a Skycamp will fit on your vehicle, or what racks are available for your make and model vehicle that  will safely hold the tent?   Altitude Industries is one of the first iKamper Authorized Dealers in the United States, and we are also one of the biggest.   We have experience installed well over 100 Skycamp's on a variety of vehicles from 4Runners, to Jeeps, to pickup trucks to Subaru's.  We know which racks work, and what the trade off's are for each option.  We have tips and tricks, and solutions for nearly every common concern or question you might have regarding your purchase. 
I don't just drop ship the products like most online retailers.  I work with them every day, and I use them myself, on and offroad. Weekend trips and road trips.  I believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity.  I'll give you real answers, not sales pressure.  My goal is to provide the best customer service experience, the best advice and information, and the highest quality installation and products.  We are always adding products to make your camping and travel experiences easier, more convenient, and more fun!  See you at the new showroom!

Altitude Industries represents years of hard work and following my dreams…  but more importantly, it is an opportunity for me to share my passion for the outdoors, overlanding, and design/fabrication with you!  

This has special meaning to me as a husband, father, engineer, and lifetime outdoors-man, and adventurer.  In today’s complex world, an outdoor camping adventure is one of the best ways to unplug from our stressful lives.  It is also, in my opinion, the best way to spend quality time with our loved ones.

However, many times the thought of planning and packing for even a short weekend trip can be overwhelming.  I have adapted my methods and gear setup more times than I can count; from new pets, to getting married, to kids, to moving.


My goal at Altitude Industries is to find out how YOU camp so I can provide you with the best overland products and solutions available to make your next trip more fun, comfortable, and easy!  


Lee Hoffman

Owner and Operator of Altitude Industries

The Altitude Industries showroom features a drive-in service and installation bay, with an overhead tent lift to gently place your new skycamp on your vehicle rack.  As part of the installation service, we will give you a full run-through of the features of your new gear, including accessories.  We will be here to help down the road if anything comes up, including warranty work, or repair services. We can also install roof racks, aftermarket accessories, or work with your to fabricate custom solutions.
We are a small business who really cares about each customer, but we are also one of the largest and first iKamper Authorized Dealers in the world!  We typically have one of the largest stocks of iKamper rooftop tents in the United States.   We are competitive with internet pricing.  Don't order online until you have talked to Altitude Industries first!  
At Altitude Industries, we don't just sell Skycamp rooftop tents and overland gear, we use them!  What rack do you need?  How do I fit my bedding in the tent? Is the mattress comfortable? What the heck does static vs dynamic load limit mean anyway?  We have you covered.
Lee is a registered professional engineer with a background in manufacturing, product design, and fabrication.  He has over 20 yrs experience in jeeps, camping, travel and overlanding and has owned many rooftop tents over the years.  
Let's get the conversation started.  I am not interested in selling you products that work for you, just to make a sale.  I am here to share my experiences and opinions, and to help you find the right setup for your goals and camping needs. 
Lee (center, Altitude Industries) with Soon Park (left, iKamper founder/ Skycamp designer) and Nathan Hendrix (right, iKamper Global Operations)
FREE Shipping!  Have your tent shipped to your local freight terminal or to your door. (for sales outside Colorado).  If your are local, come in and have your tent installed by the experts FREE.  Contact us for shipping outside the lower 48 states.
*Due to high demand always contact Altitude Industries ahead of time to verify stock levels.  
Support a father, husband, and fellow enthusiast in your local Colorado community... not a drop ship website or mega corporation.  We truly value you and your business, and we are interested in long term partnerships not one-time sales.  But when you support a local business with a physical location, its really YOU who benefits most.  You receive face-to-face individual service from someone who is personally invested in your experience and cares about your specific needs and concerns.  We are here when you need us, now and in the future.  No contacting someone by email overseas or some automated phone service.   

Jeep, Toyota, Subaru, Lexus, Ford, Dodge, Volvo..... offroad trailers, vans, teardrops, to cargo trailers.  Classic Land Cruisers to cars driven off the dealership lot to our shop!   Bring us your ideas and we'll work with you to make it happen! 


Visit ikamper.com for additional information and specifications. MSRP subject to change by ikamper without notice. 

There are 3 available accessories designed specifically to zip directly onto the Skycamp above the door/ladder entrance.  This allows you to enter/exit the tent while staying completely dry!  Most rooftop tents used in conjunction with an awning cannot accomplish this, because the awning must attach to the roof rack. Therefore, a ladder from the rooftop tent would block the awning from being opened!

#1 Vinyl Canopy $59

Get more airflow for hot weather sleeping!  Leave it zipped on and still close the tent. Sleep with the door wide open without any concern of rain.

#2 Awning $289

Zip on shade and rain protection. Room underneath to keep your gear dry, cook dinner, or have a family dinner.  Lower the poles in harsh wind or rain for added protection.  Quick and easy to setup.  Totally waterproof.  

Open (Doors rolled up)

All closed up.

#3 Annex Room $690

Zip on an entire room of fully enclosed living space!  When its warm and sunny, unzip the large sides to become awnings/canopies.  When its cold, windy, or raining, batten down the hatches and you can eat and congregate in comfort.  Enter/exit the Skycamp completely within the annex room.  Great for extended camping and privacy.  Mesh screens included to escape those pesky mosquitoes!

*Extra pole sets available to turn all three sides/doors into awnings. 


Shoe Rack $59

Store your shoes conveniently in this bag designed to hang under the protection of the tent.


Outdoor Storage $59

Keep small items like cell phones close at hand in this bag designed to hang under the protection of the tent.  Especially useful in conjunction with the awning or annex room!

Inner Storage $25

Like a night stand for your Skycamp. Great for keeping keys and cell phones from disappearing under the sleeping bags!

Tablet Movie Pouch $29

Clear vinyl pouch made to hold a tablet for movies when its raining or winding down after a long day hiking! Up where the whole family can see.

30cm Ladder Extension $55

Add about 12 inches of length to the standard 90.5" ladder. Great for vans, vehicles with suspension lifts or when camping on uneven terrain. The extension plugs onto the bottom of the standard ladder. "Long" ladders are only available as special order. 

Wind Deflector Fairing $149

Reduce wind noise, improve fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. 

Winter Insulation Liner


Extend your camping season!  Liner hangs inside standard canvas tent, and can be left inside when folding the Skycamp closed. Made of breathable poly-cotton.

Altitude Industries Bedding Net Kit*  $60

This net kit helps the skycamp folding mechanism work properly by keeping your bedding up out of the way. Disconnects in seconds when not in use.

Anti-Theft Mounting Brackets $90

Lock your tent to your roof rack to help prevent theft.  Requires clearance under the tent to turn the key and may not be compatible with all racks or vehicles.


Altitude Industries LED Lighting & Power Kit $199

(1) LED strip inside tent, (1) LED strip outside tent under extension/ladder. (1) controller (1) power center with voltage readout, (2) 12v sockets and (3) USB ports. (1) 12ft extension cable to plug into vehicle cigarette socket.  Charge your mobile phone or laptop in the tent!  Multi-colored LED lighting (red does not attract bugs!)

Available Again!

New & Imporoved

*Please Note: The AI Bedding Net Kit does not guarantee that your bedding will fit inside the Skycamp. All bedding is different and there are limitations to what can be fit under the hardshell.  Non-compressible items, such as pillows, generally do not work as well, or at all, compared to real down compressible type sleeping bags.  Trial and error will likely be required to fit your unique bedding.

*New lighting kit components may vary from these images slightly*

A rugged, textured bedliner finish called "Rocky Black" is now available for the Skycamp hardshell.  Bedliner is a heavy duty protective coating to help shield your rooftop tent from sun, tree branches, highway gravel projectiles, or whatever else you might encounter on your next overland adventure.


4X 2.0 - $3899

2-person versions of the popular full size Skycamp (4-person hardshell).

57x55 inches folded up means more

rack space, or a tent that fits over your pickup truck cab or bedrack!   

60 second setup, hardshell durability, aerodynamics, and great looks!


2X 2.0  $3199

"Rocky Black" Bedliner

4X 2.0 - $4199

                                  4X 2.0 $3899


  • Altitude Industries is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of the Western United States.  It primarily serves customers in Colorado and its neighboring states.  Therefore, we do not stock certain Skycamp accessories such as the mesh tent option (which is primarily intended for equatorial and coastal climates).     Blackout Winter Insulation Liner is not stocked at this time since it it not breathable and may cause condensation used in conjunction with a canvas tent.

  • Spare or replacement parts for the Skycamp are not stock items A short delay may be needed to order them directly from the manufacturer.



Skycamp & X-Cover "Mini" 
Skycamp 2X

The 2X is a 2-Person version of the Skycamp 4X. When closed, the 2X is identical to the 4X in footprint (hardshells are the same). When open, the 2X lacks the fold out extension. Instead of the king size Skycamp 4X mattress, the 2X has about a twin size mattress for 2. 

Road Shower
More Information on the Road Shower Coming Soon!
See the Road Shower in our showroom!
Roof Rack Systems

Do you need a new roof rack to hold your rooftop tent?  What is the difference between dynamic and static load capacity anyway? What options are available for my car, and what are the pro's and con's of each?   We are here to provide expert advice and installation services.  We specialize in Rhino Rack and Gobi Racks.  Both are high quality, high load capacity, and the best racks you can buy for offroad and overland use. 

Quick Release Options!
Tacoma and Tundra Bedracks
"Backbone" Mounting Options

Roof Rack and Skycamp installation video made by a happy Altitude Industries customer!
Nearly unlimited configurations and accessories available with the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Roof Racks! 
Aluminum Storage Boxes

Set of 3 (nesting)  $450

large (31x23x16") $190

Medium ( 27x19x13" ) $170

Small (23x15x9.5") $140

Combine these with a Bedslide for the ultimate gear storage solution!

Fully welded, made in the USA. High load capacities, no drilling. Low profile designs for Jeep, Toyota, Lexus, Hummer, Ford, Land Rover and many more! 
Bedslide Cargo Slide Systems
Save your back!  No more climbing into your pickup truck under your topper or bedrack.  Access all of your gear quickly and easily with 3/4 extension. The model S holds 1000lbs of gear and starts at an affordable $899.   Altitude Industries offers installation of all Bedslide products. 

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