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Installation Services
  • FREE Installation of your Skycamp Rooftop tent 

    • The Altitude Industries Showroom features a drive-in service bay, with an overhead lift to gently set your new tent on your vehicle rack!  We even have a light weight tent replica to set on your vehicle so you can get an idea of how the tent will fit and look on your vehicle.

  • Advice and Guidance on every aspect of your overland/camping setup.  

    • At Altitude Industries, we don't just sell Skycamp rooftop tents and overland gear, we use them!  We will help you determine the best setup for YOUR needs.  Everyone camps differently, and every vehicle is unique.​  What rack do you need?  Do I need the long or the standard ladder? What the heck does static vs dynamic load limit mean anyway?  We have you covered.  Come in to chat, we are excited to help!

  • Full Tour of the Skycamp and Accessories​

    • Buying a Skycamp at Altitude Industries is not like receiving a large box on a pallet at your door with a vague set of photocopied instructions.   We are here to explain every aspect of the tent, including all accessories in as much detail as you'd like.  We'll give you a full run through of your new gear during the installation process.  And we are here to help down the road if anything comes up!   Customers are our friends and neighbors, and we view this as a long-term partnership, not a one time sale.

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